Brief CV in points

1949 Born in Prague, Czech Republic

1964-1968 Study of Furniture Design at the School of Arts and Crafts in Prague

1968 Moved to Germany

1969-1974 Studied Architecture at the University of Applied Arts in Hamburg

1973 Started study of Philosophy at the technical University in Stuttgart

1977-1979 Scientific Assistant at the Institute for Industrial design at the University of Hannover

1979 Doctorate Degree in Architecture at the Technical University of Delft

1979-1983 Lector of design-theory at the University of Essen

1983 Moved to the Netherlands and opened Architecture & Design Studio in Amsterdam

1990-1998 Appointed as Professor Architecture at the Prague Academy of Applied Arts

1990-2003 Court Architect of the Prague Castle named by Václav Havel, president of former Czechoslovakia, later Czech Republic

1998 Appointed as Professor of Design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria

2005-2012 Appointed as Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University in Liberec, Czech Republic



Main professional awards

1983 Honourable Mention for the „German Architecture Price” for design of the family house in Hamburg, Germany

1989 Awarded the Dutch „Kho Liang le Prize” for Design, the Netherlands

1991 Awarded „La Croix Chevalier dans lordre des Arts et Lettres” by the French government

1993 Awarded the „Prince Bernhard Fonds Prize” for Architecture and Applied Arts, the Netherlands

2005 Awarded „Talent De L´Originalite” – Le Sommet du Luxe et de la Creation


Bořek Šípek worked for...

1994 - 2001 Works of various architectural projects:

'Museum Het Kruithuis' in Den Bosch, The Netherlands (1993–2001);
Opera House in Kyoto (1994);
Showroom for 'Steltman Gallery Amsterdam-New York in Amsterdam 1994, not executed);
Boutique for Karl Lagerfeld, Paris (1995);
Private houses in The Netherlands and Germany (1993–1997);
62 apartments for the municipality of Apeldoorn, The Netherlands (1994–1996);
Shoeshop 'Shoebaloo' in Rotterdam (1995);
Façade for departmentstore'Komatsu' in Tokyo, Japan (1996);
VIP room and entrance at the Prague Castle (1996);
Competition by invitation for theatre design Luxor Theatre, Rotterdam (1996 not executed);
Private villa 'Alves', French restaurant; 'Terminal' Bar, canal house in Amsterdam; Pedestrians bridge in Prague (1998);
Private villa Lemiers, The Netherlands (1999);
Art Centre 'Arsenal' in Prague (1999 - design gallery &Thai/Japanese restaurant);
Canal house in Amsterdam (1999);
Pavilion for Skoda international automobile exhibition, Hannover (1999);
Apartment building Prague (2000);
Woon Galerie in Amsterdam (2001);
Opera Beirut, architecture idea (2002);
MDV house in Soul, Korea (2001–2004);
The Spanish Hall Cloakroom and Entrance into Middle Wing Of The Prague Castle (2002);
Office building DOHA (30.00 0m2) in Katar (2003);
Office of ex-president Václav Havel, Prague (2003);
CSA - VIP salon in Prague airport (2004, 2005);
Hotel Reflection in Bangkok (2004);
Extention of Neruda hotel in Prague (2005, 2006);
Lightening in entrance hall in Opera - Beograd (2005);
Shu Umura - project Shu Sanctuary - Spy, Tokyo (2006);
Glass ceiling to Orient Hotel in Hiroshima (2007),
Spa - Yuyuan Hotel Shanghai (2006, 2007)
Quantore, The Netherlands (2008)
Nicolas Tower Beirut - project study (2008)
Luxury residence Palace Ehrlich, Pilsen, Czech Republic (2008);
Sipek glass bar in Shanghai, China (2008)
Sun Tower Prague - interiors design (2009)
Sport centre Prague (2009)
Bund No. 1 Shanghai, China (2009)
Private villa 'Pudong' Shanghai, China (2010)
Private villa 'Vávra' Prague (2012)
Allianz Prague (2013)
Crystal glass fountain, private client Prague (2013)

Work is included in the collections of the following museums:

Museum of Modern Art in New York, USA;
Museum for Decorative Art in Prague, The Czech Republic;
Kunstmuseum in Düsseldorf, Germany;
The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands;
Museum Boymans-van Beuningen in Rotterdam, The Netherlands;
Museum for Decorative Art in Lyon and Paris, France;
The Corning Museum of Glass in New York, USA;
The Hague Municipal Museum, The Netherlands;
Design Museum in London, United Kingdom;
Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, Schwitzerland;
Denver Art Museum in Denver, USA;
Národní Museum /National Museum/ in Prague, The Czech Republic;
Het Kruithuis in Den Bosch, The Netherlands;
Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche, Faenza, Spain.